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Rebuilding HouseOslo

The property

This private home is located right next to the woods that surrounds Oslo. The property consists of 130 m2 divided on a three-story end section of a terrace house, originally built in 1963.


In this neighborhood the houses were built in a typical sixties functionalist building tradition. This is a sober and linear architecture using simple, low cost materials, such as wooden interior, exterior and bearing structure, with a white-plastered brick and reinforced concrete foundation.


In order to maintain a loyalty to the form and expression of the whole building (and neighborhood), an overall goal has been to keep a good balance between the new design and the original architecture, with regards to both the plan and the façades. Hence, it was decided not to build an extension to the house, but instead optimize the existing space.

Outdoor spaces

The new concrete terrace, facing south-west, makes an extension of the living room in the summertime. The outdoor fireplace and countertop storing firewood ensure cozy summer evenings outside. Placed in front, they create shelter and provide privacy to the space.

The storage beneath the countertop is filled with logs every season, which also provides enough firewood for the indoor fireplace throughout the winter.


The molded worktops and flooring are made of polished white concrete, a contrasting material to the rest of the house. All vertical surfaces are painted white with silicate paint.

The outdoor wooden ceilings, parting walls and flooring panels are made from spruce. A low cost wooden material. In time, the wood will take on a greyish tone due to the wind and weather, yet another addition to the material palette of the house.

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