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Tubular Wing tofarget x 2
Tubular Wing x 3
Bak Diagonalt
Front Side
Tubular Wing 4 bein x 2
Tubular Wing x 2

Tubular Wing

TubularWing is designed with the idea of making the frame of aluminum tubes bent in one continuous shape.

The frame starts at the front leg, continues up to form the armrest, then into a loop creating the side wing, further inclining down to form the hind legs, a bend along the floor, and finally returns in a mirrored design all the way back to the opposite front leg. 


By removing the hoop at the back, TubularWing is also designed with 4 legs. 

Cross bars and crossing points below the wings are welded neatly on each side to provide sufficient stability to the frame.

The padded seat and back are made in one piece and fitted to the frame's cross bars.

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