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FeltPix is a patented principle-method for attaching felt pieces or strips to a rigid grid or structure in various ways. The felt is cut with constrictions adapted to the meshes in the grid structure, ensuring the locking of the felt to the grid when attached. The felt can be attached in loop form, as individual pieces, etc. and will act as pixels in a larger surface. This method offers significant opportunities to create a variety of patterns and surface structures in both 2D and 3D products. The locking of the felt is entirely mechanical, eliminating the need for glue, staples, or other fasteners. With this construction, there is great potential to produce environmentally friendly products with good recyclability.


Absorbing High Sound Levels

Unwanted echoes and high sound levels in many public and private spaces pose a significant problem, leading to poor room quality and potential stress-related health issues. In collaboration with Elementa, we are currently developing a new range of FeltPix sound-absorbing products. This new range aims to introduce products with more tactile and hand-crafted qualities into the architecture and interior design world.


First Delivery of FeltPix Products for Save the Children

In January 2023, Save the Children Norway relocated to Hasletre, a new office building by Oslotre. This building, awarded the Wood Construction of the Year 2022, represents Norway's first demountable wooden commercial building. The interior design was conceptualized by Romlaboratoriet and I-D Interiørarkitektur. We were commissioned to design custom table screens, cabinets, and mobile screens using our innovative FeltPix technique, marking our inaugural delivery for the project.

Photos: Kevin Fauske

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