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I wanted to give the two bathrooms, a clear, functional and distinct look with a warm and clean atmosphere. Equal colors, materials and bathroom fixtures & fittings were chosen for both rooms, with 10x10 white matte ceramic tiles combined with aspen wood in the cupboards and sauna. Aspen is a suitable wood in saunas as it is relatively porous and thus does not become too hot to sit on.

Decoration from old ceramic plates

Small colored features were made from old decorative ceramic plates. Using water jet, these were cut in circular shapes and integrated into the white tiles.

Room for a sauna

Originally, this house had a small bathroom upstairs, and a combined toilet and laundry room in the basement. As the landlord wanted a sauna, the laundry room was integrated into the main bathroom upstairs, by an extension into the master bedroom, and the sauna was thus accommodated in the old laundry room downstairs.


Agape Pear - Urquiola

AXOR Citterio M

Vitra Corniches - Bouroullec

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